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Trip Planning: France and Italy Part 1

So, I’ve done my first Eurotrip last year around this time – from early January to mid February right after I finished college. I travelled from the East to the West, starting off from Prague. Then bused down to Budapest, and from there I reunited with my best friend and we trained to the rest of our destinations.

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I’m very much of a planner, and I need to have everything ready before I do anything. Travelling is no exception; I need to have the itinerary set and ready for every destination and have to do an extensive research to find the best deal (This tells me I’m in the perfect career field for myself that requires to pay attention to every detail obsessively and research..). Anyhow, it was a fantastic trip last year, and I am extremely happy that I’ll be going back to Europe this summer!

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This is my tentative plan for this summer. I will fly in to Paris and spend a couple of days there, then to Nice and chill there for a little less than a week and travel a little to Monte Carlo. Then we’ll travel East to Cinque Terre, Florence, and up North to Milan and I’ll fly home from there. It seems like from Nice to Cinque Terre is a little tough to arrange the transportation, so I’m looking into different ways to do this. If anyone can give me their two cents that’d be lovely 😉 I’ve been thinking of this trip since last year, and since I just got my vacation days approved I need to start moving quickly and get my flight tickets.