Belgium – the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles IN BRUGES

From Brussels, we went on a little day trip to Bruges. By slower train it takes about an hour and a half, and with the fast train about an hour. It’s a little tiny town that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. It was quite interesting because swans seemed like the ‘thing’ of the town, it was so cute.

I mean, come on, these colourful buildings in the city centre would be the perfect setting for Pinocchio!

It was late November but they already had their Christmas market set up with an outdoor ice rink. Nonetheless people did complain about the condition of the ice and I could see that the ice was melting 😦

We stayed in Bruges for about 9 hours and that was more than enough time to see everything. They also had some sort of Lord of the rings-themed ice sculpture display right by the train station, but we didn’t really feel like paying almost 15 euros for them so we skipped that. I really love how in Europe it’s so easy to take these little trips-within-a-trip ❤


Belgium – the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles <3 Part 3

I am posting this post from Vienna, Austria. Seems like I leave Madrid every chance I get, but this is for another blogpost so let’s not go too much in detail 😉

The day before our last day, we went to Brugge for a little day trip (separate post later!) Last day in Brussels, we checked out from the hotel, left our luggages at the front desk and headed out to Atomium.

We didn’t bother to go in, but it sure was a big atom!

After atomium we divided up to enjoy the last few hours in Brussels in our own pace. So me and Tori walked down to City hall again to see the Christmas tree up and to do some last-minute chocolate shopping!

To be honest I rarely travel with a big group – in fact this was the first big group trip for me (Reunion in Milan was an exception, as everyone flew in from different cities and we were staying at three different hotels). I prefer to travel on my own or with a few closest friends, but it was an interesting experience to try traveling with a big group. The only thing was that I didn’t get to visit Magritte museum, but hopefully this will be a good excuse for me to visit the city again in the future.


Belgium – the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles <3 Part 2

The next day was our first and last full day in Brussels, so we took that day to go out and about Brussels.

Of course, all of us that are able to eat waffles had waffles for breakfast!Our breakfast waffle shop was right by Les Galeries Saint Hubert – the gallery seemed like a smaller version of The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. 

Then we moved our way to Cathedral of St. Michael and St. GudulaAnd further down to The Place Royale, or Koningsplein

The city is quite small so we walked all over town, and the entire city’s so charming, already so full with Christmas spirit in late November. The Christmas tree was starting go up in Town hall square, and it was a great day to walk, eat, talk, and enjoy our weekend away from school with my friends.


Belgium – the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles <3 Part 1

My program was fortunate enough to have our friday class cancelled, leaving us with a long weekend. So all North Americans from my class decided to have a big group weekend trip to Brussels, Belgium. I never travel in big groups, and the only other time I was traveling in a big group was when I had a big reunion with my exchange friends in Milan. That time everyone was flying from all over Europe and we stayed in 3 different hotels and just met up at a given time. But this time all 7 of us were traveling together, staying at the same hotel at rooms side by side, and did pretty much everything together except a couple of times.

After our last class on Thursday was done, I headed home to finish packing and met up with a couple of others to grab 200 bus to the airport. I personally prefer taking the aeropuerto bus than taking the metro going to the airport, because 1) the bus stop is only about 7 min walk from my place, 2) it only takes about 20-30min depending on the terminal and 3) it’s only 1.50 euros!

We flew with Iberia, and their aircrafts were much more spacious than Vueling flights. Nonetheless, for 5 foot 1 myself is pretty comfortable in any seats, whereas for my 6 ft 3 & 6 ft 5 friends were not having so much fun.. 😦 Some hours later, we landed in Brussels!

One caution: Brussels airport is not the most efficient airport, and it’s a big confusing to find your way through. Once we landed, we were debating whether we should take the metro to the hotel or take the cab. We ended up taking a cab and between 7 of us, we only paid 7 euros each (vs. 8.50 euros for metro). And when we got to the hotel, we dropped our stuff off and immediately headed out to walk around the town. 

The town was already preparing itself for Christmas with all the pretty lights. It really made us feel like we are in a fairy tale.

My friends made sure that I try Kriek (cherry beer), Früli (strawberry beer), and Delirium. I’ve already tried Früli back in Vancouver and for some reason all the places that we went to did not have them. So I tried Kriek at the first bar we went to, and oh gosh I loved it. I really wanted that Kriek glass as well….

After some Kriek, we ran into one friendly couple that took us to the famous Delirium cafe. Inside was pretty cool with live bands playing, and minus some unfortunate acquaintance my first try on Delirium was pretty good. HOWEVER for some reason Delirium had a taste of bacon to me, and all my friends thought I was crazy. But then at the same time, I am one of the odd 5% of the population that tastes cilantro as soap, so maybe tasting bacon in beer is not too weird for me 😛