Vienna, I still adore you – Part 3

First post of 2015!

I apologize for not being so up-to-date with my posts. My boyfriend was here to visit me for Christmas and we were travelling for almost 3 weeks, and when we came back I got extremely sick I even had to skip a day of class. So now I have at least 3 other countries/cities that I need to post about! I guess this is why you shouldn’t procrastinate 😦 Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

Back to Vienna – On my last day in Vienna, I walked around the city again, and I made sure I stop by Hotel Sacher for a little Sacher torte before I left this beauty of a city.

I made sure that I was at Hotel Sacher during the slow time as line-ups can get long otherwise. I was also by myself so table for one during slow time was not too hard to find and I was led to my table almost immediately. The thing with Hotel Sacher though, is that if you coatcheck your coat they charge you a euro. If you want to save your euro and spend it on something more productive, you can just say no when they ask you if you want your coat checked and just hang it up on your chair.

Then I shopped around near Karlsplatz area, and headed home not too late since my flight next day was at 5am, and my brother was supposed to come back from his skip trip that night.

Whenever someone asks me about my favourite city in Europe, I say Vienna without a doubt. It’s a beautiful city with such history, great mix of art and music, and its desserts are the cherries on top. I recommend Vienna to everyone who’s looking for a romantic, artistic experience.


Vienna, I still adore you – Part 2

After Jenny left, I was flying solo in Vienna. The next morning I took the tram 71 again, with no specific destination on mind. Then I decided to jump off near Belvedere and walked around the garden a bit.

I remember when I was here for the first time with Jenny, it was mid January, extremely cold and rainy. Of course, this time it was raining as well! I didn’t end up going inside since there were too many people – this exactly is one of the perks of traveling during low seasons, as you get to see more things with less people around you. When we were in Paris late January-early February, Louvre was practically empty (on Louvre’s standards) and we were able to get so close to Mona Lisa. And when I see all other people’s picture of her – pretty much a size of a dot in their pictures – I appreciate how fortunate we were to enjoy Louvre rather than being suffocated by a  sea of other tourists…

Anyhow, after Belvedere I jumped on another random tram, which turned out to be line D, and made my way to the university that my brother’s studying at on his exchange. All my Austrian friends have went to this university, and one of them has a brother that’s currently going here as well. Apparently this campus is a very new campus they only just recently moved to, and the buildings were very clean and architecturally interesting. However I have heard stories about things falling from these buildings so they apparently are safety hazards as well..

After this I came back home, rested a bit, and went to meet up with one of my Austrian friends at the Christmas market at Resselpark near Karlsplatz. When you get off at Karlsplatz metro station, exit to Resslepark and the market is right there. To be honest this was my favourite Christmas market out of them all, and this was the moment that I told myself that I can finally check off ‘going to Christmas market in Vienna’ on my bucket list. This is why having friends all over the world is more than amazing – they tell you exactly where to go!

How can you not love this city???


Vienna, I still adore you – Part 1

As I’ve mentioned in my posts on Belgium trip, I was in Vienna for a weekend to visit my brother. He’s on exchange at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien for this semester and seems to be enjoying it. But of course, little brothers will be little brothers – he found out after I booked my tickets that he’ll be going away on ski trip during that weekend, so I only go to see him on my last night for about 5 hours. Vienna is my absolute favourite city out of the whole entire Europe. Its culture, art, music, schnitzels, and desserts – how can one not love Vienna?

So Jenny came to see me in Vienna from Budapest and I talked to my Austrian friends in Vienna that I will be in town for the weekend before I left.

On first night, I met up with Jenny in Stephansplatz right after I landed and dropped my stuff off to go visit a few Christmas markets. First one was the one right across from Rathouse. It’s a winter wonderland-themed Christmas market with lots of lights.

Then walked around Stephansplatz again ❤

Since it was going to be our first and last night together, we had to have something Austrian for dinner – schnitzels of course! 

After Jenny left I was chilling in Vienna by myself for the rest of the trip. It was nice to have a break from all the school work and from my team members 😛 I was staying in Simmering metro station area so I had to take tram 71 or the metro every time I wanted to head to the city, but honestly I love the trams; especially when it merges to the ring.