2 Days in Rome – Rome, Italy

Our second (and the last) day in rome, was all devoted to the city itself. Our first stop was Trevi fountain, but when we got there this was all we could see…

trevi rome

and this was our disappointed faces when we saw it

But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, and in Rome you do what Romans do! So we continued to Colosseum πŸ˜›

rome, colosseum, italyrome colosseum italy

Here, I also had pre-purchased tickets and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. A bit of pre-work gets you far in Rome, apparently!

rome colosseumcolosseum italy romerome italyrome italyrome italyThen there was the infamous Spanish steps

rome italy

and the closed doors of Pantheon… 😦rome italy

We spent very little time in Rome – less than 48 – and a few of the tourist spots were closed, but we enjoyed our time and it was time for us to come back to Madrid. But I must’ve been super exhausted from all these trips, because as soon as we got back to Madrid I got extremely sick and my boyfriend had to take care of me for the rest of his time in Madrid.


2 Days in Rome – Vatican

After Lisbon, we had two more days to travel around before my school started again. While we were planning the trip we’ve discussed many different cities to end our travels for the break, and we decided to go to Rome. I was asking around to people who’ve already been to Rome, to see if 2 days actually was enough to see everything and I heard mixed reviews but we decided to try!

Our original plan was to see Rome on our first day and Vatican on our second=last day, but as I was getting the tickets for Vatican museum on-line I found out that Vatican was going to be closed!! So we changed the plans last minute. Also, we were so glad that we got our tickets beforehand, as people lined up to get the tickets for Vatican was RIDICULOUS. So if you are planning a trip to Rome, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of getting the tickets BEFOREHAND!!!!! To be frank, if we didn’t get the tickets and had to wait in the line, I’m 99% sure that both me and my boyfriend would’ve just left the scene because there is no way that we would wait in a lineup for 3~4 hours. So plan out your trip, and take advantage of the world of internet.

The thing with getting into Vatican, is that if you pre-purchased the ticket you enter through a special entrance. There are so many ‘helpers’ on the streets that will ask you if you have already purchased the ticket, and they’ll tell you where to go. However, I am incredibly cautious of people when I travel, so when people come up to me to ask me something, etc., I flat out ignore them in most cases. And I honestly couldn’t tell if these ‘helpers’ were legitimate or just some kind of a scam, but turned out that they were telling us the right direction. But as I tell everyone that asks me if I’m not scared to travel alone – Be cautious at all times.

When we entered through the ‘special gate’ for pre-purchase ticket holders, we were surprised to see another set of lineup for these pre-purchase tickets to be exchanged for ‘real’ tickets. There is no clear instructions on where to go exactly, so you kind of have to guess and wander around to see what other people are doing. This was a very inefficient system I have to say, and when there are so many people inside the building it just gets too overwhelming.

After you go through this chaos successfully, then you see these:

rome vatican italyrome vatican italyrome vatican italyrome vatican italyrome vatican italyrome vatican italy

Then at the end of the walk through Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel, you see the famous painting of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, but taking picture is prohibited in that room.

rome vatican italyrome vatican italy

It was a shame that we weren’t there when Pope Francis makes his weekly appearances, but maybe I’ll be back!

p.s.: Apparently this post was my 100th post on my blog!! Time to celebrate with some chocolate πŸ™‚


Lisbon, Portugal

Since we stayed in Belem for the entire week, it was a little commute to get to the city although we didn’t mind too much. There are a couple of buses and trams that travels between Lisbon city centre and Belem.

lisbon portugallisbon portugal

This park was extremely long and hill-y, we were already tired after walking up half way. But the view from the top was great and to watch the sunset from the top was worth it.

lisbon portugallisbon portugal

Then there is the famous Bairro Alto – It felt like a Europen version of San Francisco..

bairro alto lisbon portugal

Trams are one of the most famous attractions in Lisbon. We took one of these little wooden trams on our way back to Belem one night, and it quite literally was the ‘roughest ride’ ever!!! Our butts hurt even after when we got home from all the bumpy road, and hold on tight while you are on it because it’ll be bumpy and it’s known as one of the hot spots for pickpocketing.

bairro alto lisbon portugalbairro alto lisbon portugallisbon portugal tram


Belem, Lisbon Portugal

These postings are more than a month late, but to be fair I’ve been super busy with school and all the group works 😦 And since this has been the first saturday in a while where I have nothing to do, I’ll make up for it by posting this posting! (Also, if I have any readers living in Spain I have a favour to ask you- If you have been living in Spain for more than a year and you drink coffee, please complete this short survey that I’m doing for school project! We are working with one of the biggest research houses Nielsen, and I would really appreciate if you could fill this out for me! Click here to access the survey

ANYWAYS When my boyfriend was here for Christmas, we went to a couple of different cities around here, and our very first destination was Lisbon, Portugal. We stayed in Belem area, which is about 20 min away from centre of Lisbon but we both liked it as our first hotel was right around the corner from the famous Pasteis de Belem. We planned it so that we would be in Lisbon for our 1 year anniversary and the NYE.

Our first hotel that we stayed for 4 days was Jeronimos 8 (which is basically their address). It seemed like a pretty new hotel, but for some reason from our room we could hear chickens and roosters going at it all day and when I asked the concierge about it they had no idea :O But everyone there was helpful, and no password bs with their wifi, which was great. Their bar seemed very empty all the time so we were the only people in the bar most of the times.

Our second hotel that we stayed for 2 days was Altis Belem Hotel & Spa. This hotel was fantastic, super upscale with at least 3 restaurants and bar options. We got the room with an amazing view looking right towards the ocean and Tower Belem. Amenities and spa was great, cleaned our room twice a day, and they gave us free macarons for NYE as well. It certainly was one of the most expensive hotels I’ve ever stayed at, but if you are willing to spend a bit more I’d say go for it – we had a fantastic stay there.

Now onto all the tourist stuff we did while we were inΒ Belem:

Tower belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugalbelem lisbon portugalbelem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

Most importantly, this:

pasteis de belem egg tarts lisbon portugalpasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tartspasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tarts

During the day this place has a huge line up; the line moves quite fast as most of them are to-go orders, but since I’m just that lazy I always went there at night when there’s no one there, get 6 of egg tarts to go, then have them with some beer at the hotel. SO GOOD!! They also give you a packet of icing sugar and cinnamon powder, and it’s just amazing.

pasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tarts



Vienna, I still adore you – Part 3

First post of 2015!

I apologize for not being so up-to-date with my posts. My boyfriend was here to visit me for Christmas and we were travelling for almost 3 weeks, and when we came back I got extremely sick I even had to skip a day of class. So now I have at least 3 other countries/cities that I need to post about! I guess this is why you shouldn’t procrastinate 😦 Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

Back to Vienna – On my last day in Vienna, I walked around the city again, and I made sure I stop by Hotel Sacher for a little Sacher torte before I left this beauty of a city.

I made sure that I was at Hotel Sacher during the slow time as line-ups can get long otherwise. I was also by myself so table for one during slow time was not too hard to find and I was led to my table almost immediately. The thing with Hotel Sacher though, is that if you coatcheck your coat they charge you a euro. If you want to save your euro and spend it on something more productive, you can just say no when they ask you if you want your coat checked and just hang it up on your chair.

Then I shopped around near Karlsplatz area, and headed home not too late since my flight next day was at 5am, and my brother was supposed to come back from his skip trip that night.

Whenever someone asks me about my favourite city in Europe, I say Vienna without a doubt. It’s a beautiful city with such history, great mix of art and music, and its desserts are the cherries on top. I recommend Vienna to everyone who’s looking for a romantic, artistic experience.