Bling Boutique Bridal Show

Yesterday I went to the very first bridal show – Bling Boutique Bridal Show – of my life with my mom. They had tickets on sale for awhile for $35, but I couldn’t justify the ticket price since I already booked most of my vendours. Nonetheless, admin girl from my work got me this brochure that had promotion code for free admission, so I thought what the heck, why not! Also, my other concern for this event was that it’s at the new Trump hotel. Obviously I’m not the biggest fan of Trump, AND the building wasn’t even done with its construction works yet. So this morning on my way to church, I asked the concierge that was standing outside the building if the event is actually happening. Apparently the building connects to Fortis building, and he confirmed that it is still on. I was quite surprised that people were already lined up in front of the building 20 minutes before the doors were open!!


After having brunch at Tableau with my parents, my mom and I went straight to Trump hotel to see what’s up. There were about 50 vendours, ranging from florists and makeup artists, to DJs and wedding dress shops. There were quite a few interesting vendours too, including Archimallows (homemade marshmallows!), Hugo’s Churros, and Jack Coffee which would’ve been great options to explore if I went ahead with my farm wedding idea! Anyhow it was just as great to try their samples at the event.



At 3pm, Blush bridal put on a fashion show with dresses by Vera Wang, Hayley Paige, and Berta (I think there was one more brand, but I don’t remember…). Vera Wang is not my favourite(GASP), although I love HP and Berta. My actual dress is actually by HP!



As I’ve mentioned, I pretty much have all vendours figured out, but my fiancé and I have been talking about maybe setting up a photo booth as well. And I am very glad I found Pixstar at this event, as they were offering a special promo price. Plus, I got to try out the photo booth with my mom 🙂


I think we were there for about 2 hours. If you ask me if it was worth the ticket price of $40, my honest answer would be a hard maybe.. but for free? I’ll definitely be back if I get a chance. At the end of the day, we got a little swag bag with magazines, chocolates and coffee from vendours, and tons of business cards.


It was a great Sunday for this bride and the mother of the bride ❤


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