Will you be my bridesmaid?

It’s been a month since I got engaged, and a lot has happened! It’s been a busy month with finding a venue, wedding photographer, day-of coordinator, and asking my girlfriends to be my bridesmaids!


A few days after we came back from Sparkling Hill, we had an early Canada Day/Engagement celebration bbq at my rooftop, with a few of my out-of-town friends that came back home for a few weeks. It was great to see everyone, share our engagement story, although it took me the entire night to prepare food for 15 people. My fiancé’s aunt brought the cutest cake ever, with our face on top of it! (I did end up eating his face off the cake a few days later). And that night I asked my close girlfriends to be my bridesmaids, with little cards that I found from Topshop. It was pretty hard to find these ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ cards for some reason.. So I have one Matron of Honour (my best friend, who’s getting married 2 weeks before me), then one Maid of Honour, and 4 bridesmaids.


Then I moved onto creating the guest list, and our wedding website. We always used to say that we don’t want a huge wedding, so we said 100 guests is our maximum. So far we are doing a good job of sticking to that number, as we are now at 96 guests including the wedding party. And since our wedding is during a peak wedding season we decided to send out Save the Date card a bit early, and of course we wanted to save money as much as we can. So a few weeks ago, exactly a year before our wedding date, we sent out an email blast to all our guests with the Save the Date card (which I have designed myself) – which saved us at least a couple of hundred bucks!

Now onto the venue – we were pretty set on having our wedding at my fiancé’s parents’ farm up in Pemberton, which is about 40 min drive up from Whistler. They have a beautiful farm, with Mount Currie in the backdrop, and since I always dreamt of having an outdoor wedding we always used to say that it’d be beautiful to get married there. But due to unexpected circumstances (long story), we had to hustle on finding a venue for our July wedding. As everyone knows, summer is the prime wedding season, and some of the more affordable venues were already booked out until the end of September 2017. SERIOUSLY!!! Or venues that were still available, were just so expensive. We initially had our wedding budget at 20k, but I was flabbergasted to find most of the venues that go 15k and higher. We didn’t even look into hotels, and I was emailing at least 15 different venues around Vancouver. And finally after some digging around, we decided to have our wedding at the Altitude Bistro up at the peak of Grouse mountain. This venue is great – it still has that outdoor element as we will have our ceremony on the deck of the restaurant, and will step inside for the dinner, and we can use the deck again for dancing after. And since I have a number of out-of-town guests that are coming to Vancouver for the first time, it’s killing two birds with one stone, as the gondola tickets are included in the price!

Again, since our wedding is during the peak wedding season, we had to move fast to find a photographer as well. I emailed at least 10 different photographers, got their prices, was dumbfounded again by how ridiculously expensive these wedding photographers are, but at the end I had a meeting with one of those photographers and we picked him as our photographer! He’s super nice, has lots of experience in photography in both fashion shoots as well as weddings, and our personalities just clicked (at least for me 😛 ). His price also was reasonable for 12 hours coverage with two photographers, so no reason to say no.

As for the officiant of the wedding, the fiancé has a good friend from high school who’s a pastor now, so we asked him if he would be able to officiate our wedding – and he said yes! This truly was a great news as I am a Christian, and my fiancé gets to be married by his good friend!

So far I have:

wedding party✓  
guest list✓  
Save the date cards✓  

I would say I did pretty well given that it’s only been a month since we got engaged, wouldn’t you? And now I just started wedding dress shopping, so that will follow as my next blog post, can’t wait to share that with you all!



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