2 Days in Rome – Rome, Italy

Our second (and the last) day in rome, was all devoted to the city itself. Our first stop was Trevi fountain, but when we got there this was all we could see…

trevi rome

and this was our disappointed faces when we saw it

But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, and in Rome you do what Romans do! So we continued to Colosseum 😛

rome, colosseum, italyrome colosseum italy

Here, I also had pre-purchased tickets and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. A bit of pre-work gets you far in Rome, apparently!

rome colosseumcolosseum italy romerome italyrome italyrome italyThen there was the infamous Spanish steps

rome italy

and the closed doors of Pantheon… 😦rome italy

We spent very little time in Rome – less than 48 – and a few of the tourist spots were closed, but we enjoyed our time and it was time for us to come back to Madrid. But I must’ve been super exhausted from all these trips, because as soon as we got back to Madrid I got extremely sick and my boyfriend had to take care of me for the rest of his time in Madrid.


2 thoughts on “2 Days in Rome – Rome, Italy

  1. Hi! Just wanted to tell you I love your pictures of Rome! I’m going back in April for four days and I’ve been looking into the Roma Pass, is that what you purchased? I’ve been in Rome four times all just for day-trips unfortunately, so this time I’m hoping to step inside the Colosseum 😀

    1. Hi! No, we just purchased what seemed to be like a package deal combining colosseum and roman forum. Also, if you love truffles PLEASE make a stop at Osteria Barberini – we loved it so much we went twice during our two-days stay! Hope you have fun in rome 🙂

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