Lisbon, Portugal

Since we stayed in Belem for the entire week, it was a little commute to get to the city although we didn’t mind too much. There are a couple of buses and trams that travels between Lisbon city centre and Belem.

lisbon portugallisbon portugal

This park was extremely long and hill-y, we were already tired after walking up half way. But the view from the top was great and to watch the sunset from the top was worth it.

lisbon portugallisbon portugal

Then there is the famous Bairro Alto – It felt like a Europen version of San Francisco..

bairro alto lisbon portugal

Trams are one of the most famous attractions in Lisbon. We took one of these little wooden trams on our way back to Belem one night, and it quite literally was the ‘roughest ride’ ever!!! Our butts hurt even after when we got home from all the bumpy road, and hold on tight while you are on it because it’ll be bumpy and it’s known as one of the hot spots for pickpocketing.

bairro alto lisbon portugalbairro alto lisbon portugallisbon portugal tram


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