Belem, Lisbon Portugal

These postings are more than a month late, but to be fair I’ve been super busy with school and all the group works 😦 And since this has been the first saturday in a while where I have nothing to do, I’ll make up for it by posting this posting! (Also, if I have any readers living in Spain I have a favour to ask you- If you have been living in Spain for more than a year and you drink coffee, please complete this short survey that I’m doing for school project! We are working with one of the biggest research houses Nielsen, and I would really appreciate if you could fill this out for me! Click here to access the survey

ANYWAYS When my boyfriend was here for Christmas, we went to a couple of different cities around here, and our very first destination was Lisbon, Portugal. We stayed in Belem area, which is about 20 min away from centre of Lisbon but we both liked it as our first hotel was right around the corner from the famous Pasteis de Belem. We planned it so that we would be in Lisbon for our 1 year anniversary and the NYE.

Our first hotel that we stayed for 4 days was Jeronimos 8 (which is basically their address). It seemed like a pretty new hotel, but for some reason from our room we could hear chickens and roosters going at it all day and when I asked the concierge about it they had no idea :O But everyone there was helpful, and no password bs with their wifi, which was great. Their bar seemed very empty all the time so we were the only people in the bar most of the times.

Our second hotel that we stayed for 2 days was Altis Belem Hotel & Spa. This hotel was fantastic, super upscale with at least 3 restaurants and bar options. We got the room with an amazing view looking right towards the ocean and Tower Belem. Amenities and spa was great, cleaned our room twice a day, and they gave us free macarons for NYE as well. It certainly was one of the most expensive hotels I’ve ever stayed at, but if you are willing to spend a bit more I’d say go for it – we had a fantastic stay there.

Now onto all the tourist stuff we did while we were in Belem:

Tower belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugalbelem lisbon portugalbelem lisbon portugal

belem lisbon portugal

Most importantly, this:

pasteis de belem egg tarts lisbon portugalpasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tartspasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tarts

During the day this place has a huge line up; the line moves quite fast as most of them are to-go orders, but since I’m just that lazy I always went there at night when there’s no one there, get 6 of egg tarts to go, then have them with some beer at the hotel. SO GOOD!! They also give you a packet of icing sugar and cinnamon powder, and it’s just amazing.

pasteis de belem lisbon portugal egg tarts



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