Vienna, I still adore you – Part 3

First post of 2015!

I apologize for not being so up-to-date with my posts. My boyfriend was here to visit me for Christmas and we were travelling for almost 3 weeks, and when we came back I got extremely sick I even had to skip a day of class. So now I have at least 3 other countries/cities that I need to post about! I guess this is why you shouldn’t procrastinate 😦 Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

Back to Vienna – On my last day in Vienna, I walked around the city again, and I made sure I stop by Hotel Sacher for a little Sacher torte before I left this beauty of a city.

I made sure that I was at Hotel Sacher during the slow time as line-ups can get long otherwise. I was also by myself so table for one during slow time was not too hard to find and I was led to my table almost immediately. The thing with Hotel Sacher though, is that if you coatcheck your coat they charge you a euro. If you want to save your euro and spend it on something more productive, you can just say no when they ask you if you want your coat checked and just hang it up on your chair.

Then I shopped around near Karlsplatz area, and headed home not too late since my flight next day was at 5am, and my brother was supposed to come back from his skip trip that night.

Whenever someone asks me about my favourite city in Europe, I say Vienna without a doubt. It’s a beautiful city with such history, great mix of art and music, and its desserts are the cherries on top. I recommend Vienna to everyone who’s looking for a romantic, artistic experience.


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