Vienna, I still adore you – Part 1

As I’ve mentioned in my posts on Belgium trip, I was in Vienna for a weekend to visit my brother. He’s on exchange at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien for this semester and seems to be enjoying it. But of course, little brothers will be little brothers – he found out after I booked my tickets that he’ll be going away on ski trip during that weekend, so I only go to see him on my last night for about 5 hours. Vienna is my absolute favourite city out of the whole entire Europe. Its culture, art, music, schnitzels, and desserts – how can one not love Vienna?

So Jenny came to see me in Vienna from Budapest and I talked to my Austrian friends in Vienna that I will be in town for the weekend before I left.

On first night, I met up with Jenny in Stephansplatz right after I landed and dropped my stuff off to go visit a few Christmas markets. First one was the one right across from Rathouse. It’s a winter wonderland-themed Christmas market with lots of lights.

Then walked around Stephansplatz again ❤

Since it was going to be our first and last night together, we had to have something Austrian for dinner – schnitzels of course! 

After Jenny left I was chilling in Vienna by myself for the rest of the trip. It was nice to have a break from all the school work and from my team members 😛 I was staying in Simmering metro station area so I had to take tram 71 or the metro every time I wanted to head to the city, but honestly I love the trams; especially when it merges to the ring.


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