Belgium – the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles <3 Part 3

I am posting this post from Vienna, Austria. Seems like I leave Madrid every chance I get, but this is for another blogpost so let’s not go too much in detail 😉

The day before our last day, we went to Brugge for a little day trip (separate post later!) Last day in Brussels, we checked out from the hotel, left our luggages at the front desk and headed out to Atomium.

We didn’t bother to go in, but it sure was a big atom!

After atomium we divided up to enjoy the last few hours in Brussels in our own pace. So me and Tori walked down to City hall again to see the Christmas tree up and to do some last-minute chocolate shopping!

To be honest I rarely travel with a big group – in fact this was the first big group trip for me (Reunion in Milan was an exception, as everyone flew in from different cities and we were staying at three different hotels). I prefer to travel on my own or with a few closest friends, but it was an interesting experience to try traveling with a big group. The only thing was that I didn’t get to visit Magritte museum, but hopefully this will be a good excuse for me to visit the city again in the future.


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