Madrid Life

Watching movies in Madrid – Cines Princesa

I’ve been dying to go see Interstellar since it came out, and to reward ourselves for a week of hard work me and my MRCB buddy Stephanie went out to the city for a little movie night. We have heard of a few theatres that show movies in their original languages, and we decided to go to Cines Princesa. It’s right off of Gran Via, close to Plaza España so it’s right in the city centre which made our study break a little more fun. Since it’s nearing the end of the semester and we are bombarded with school works, we rarely take time to treat ourselves so it was a good way to take our minds off from school and all the group projects.

It is 9 euros per person, and it is an assigned seating system so you might want to get there early to get your tickets or even buy beforehand online.


To be honest, we were both quite surprised when we walked in the theatre. It was quite small, seats were not elevated much, and the screen was quite small. After the movie started I also realized that it’s probably not surround sound in that theatre as well. Me and Stephanie (from Quebec, Canada) are accustomed to big theatres (especially in Canada where Cineplex pretty much monopolizes the industry).


As far as I am concerned I have not yet seen a big commercialized theatre in Madrid – which is quite interesting as it feels like they are more into theatres such as actual stage performance than movies. It also might be because we went to a rather specialized theatre. In the end it was a very unique and interesting experience, not to mention that we enjoyed the movie very much and ended the night with some tapas and cañas (of course). Will I go again to watch movies? Debatable…


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