Koh family in Barcelona – Part 1

It’s already been a couple of weeks since my parents were here for my birthday. They flew in to Barcelona and I also flew there to meet them first, then we came back together to Madrid for my actual birthday. It was my first time in Barcelona and my parents’ first time in Europe, so it made everything so much more special.

On our first day together, we went to Park Güell.

Then we made our way to La Ramblas to walk around and see this famous street in Barcelona. After we went to La Barceloneta to enjoy the late October sunshine that we never have in Vancouver. It was actually warm and sunny enough for me to redefine my tan lines! In Vancouver I lived three blocks away from the Sea wall in Coal Harbour side, and it was so easy for me to just walk down there on any weekend (given that it’s sunny) or even just stop by for an hour after work. And now that I’m in Madrid with nowhere near the beach, it’s making me miss home even more 😦 After some beach bumming and before dinner, we stopped by Parc de la Ciutadella and were mesmerized by the sunset. … and continued to walk to Arc de triumf.We had dinner in Gothic Quarter, and as it was the night of Classico game (Real Madrid vs Barcelona) streets were empty, bars were full; and soon after streets were full again but with sad faces. 


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