Madrid Life

Churros & Centro Madrid

Of course, being in Spain, trying churros is a must. Many restaurants/cafes/cervazerias in Madrid have churros on their menus, but I decided to go to Chocolatería San Ginés. So this cafe, has been making churros and chocolate since 1894 and your choice of the menu will be either a) 6 churros with chocolate for 2.80 euros or b) 2 churros with chocolate for 2.80. Don’t worry, for 2 churros one the churros are pretty huge, so they are pretty much equivalent to having 6 churros.

You walk in through the door you see on the right here (where the arrow is point towards to) and at the cashier you tell them whatever you want, then they will give you a receipt for you to take with you and you can find a spot to sit. I do have to mention that this is a well-known spot for churros and it seemed like it’s always busy whenever I walk pass, so you might have to walk around a couple of times before you can seat yourself at a table. When you have found your spot, give the receipt to any busboys/girls walking by and they will bring your order to you. I had 6 churros with chocolate, but for some reason they gave me 7 churros sticks. Unfortunately I was full after the fourth one so I had to leave the rest of them behind me 😦 Argh now I want churros.

After churros-ing up, it’s convenient to walk anywhere in central area: Sol, Plaza Mayor, or Real palace. And according to my facebook photo album, I walked to Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real de Madrid). As I skipped the tour of the palace, I walked down to Almudena Cathedral. Again, I skipped the tour since I’m waiting until I get my student card so I can get all the discounts/free entrances to all these places.

I walked further towards East, and crossed the bridge to walk to Basílica San Francisco el Grande. It was closed when I went…

As I enjoy walking, I usually walk 5~15 km in a day depending on what I feel like. I mean, Madrid has such a great metro system so it’s very easy to go anywhere, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the scenery and the wind in your hair. Thank goodness Madrid doesn’t rain as much as Vancouver, but for some strange reason it has been raining here the past few days. Oh well, at least I won’t be seeing rainow (that disgusting slushy form of snow) this winter!


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