Break in Budapest – Part 2

You can’t say you’ve been to Budapest without seeing the beautiful night view of the city. So we went out and about to walk around to grab some late night snacks.

Then on our way back home we saw this street performer playing with fire (literally) 😛 

Next day, we went up to Buda castle and took a little stroll around.

and before we knew it, summer was gone and was replaced by autumn.

Then looking down at this beautiful newly built park, me and Jenny discussed how wonderful it would be if she had her wedding here!!

Then the day before I left, we went on a little picnic to Margaret island with homemade Korean Kimbap and some desserts from Central. It really was a gorgeous day except there was one creepy guy that kept following us for some reason…

Unlike my first time in Budapest, the weather granted me much more sunshine and delightful breeze. And the city itself had gotten so much nicer and cleaner, I could really see Budapest becoming the next Paris in Eastern Europe. I mean, I personally prefer Eastern Europe over the West anyways, but it was amazing to see how a city can improve so much within just a year in time. Now that I am actually living in Europe, I wish to go back to the East side as much as possible and explore, maybe Warsaw or Bucharest.. Which city was your favourite in Eastern Europe?


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