Break in Budapest – Part 1

My best friend, Jenny, is living in Budapest going to med school there. So I paid my visit to her 2 years ago in middle of winter, in mid January, which was a record-breaking cold winter that killed handful of people in Eastern Europe.

Anyhow, I went to see her for 6 days again and this time Budapest gave me something different than 2 years ago – something better, nicer, cleaner, and warmer. Despite the cold weather I did like Budapest the first time I visited, but after this trip I think I like the city even more. And everyone that I know who’s been to Budapest agree that Budapest is a wonderful city, making its nickname ‘the Pearl of the Danube’ not an overstatement.

One of the new monuments in Budapest was this Sziget Eye. Apparently this great ferris wheel is the biggest mobile ferris wheel in Europe. I’m reading some articles that it’s only open until September 30th, but I think I saw it still standing there a couple of days ago too.

And of course, walking across the Chain Bridge is a must.

Their parliament building has gone through some update as well, with a nice garden at the back and also it seemed like they now have a tour inside of the parliament building with a entrance fee.

And the last time I was at the Heroes’ square, it was excruciatingly cold and it was too late in the night (more like early in the morning around 3am) that they turned all the lights off. But this time I got to see the square in daylight!

Then from the Heroes’ square, we went to the City park. Oh I loved this little park, and this park had so much of what I love about Eastern Europe. I love all their buildings, how it feels like they are straight out from fairytale books, with its unique harmonic mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque characteristics.

It definitely was one of the highlights of my trip this time. This park is surrounded by an artificial lake, but while I was there it seemed like they got rid of the water form the lake and instead they were installing some kind of festival setup for Oktoberfest.

From the City Park, we continued on to the famous Gundel and tried their (again) famous Crepe. Yummmm

After this little snack, we headed to Szechenyi Bath. On my first trip we tried Gellert Bath, so this time we tried out Szechenyi. The weather was perfect for an outside spa day, so we enjoyed our early afternoon relaxing ourselves in its spring-fed thermal pools. 

So the below is the map of the places I went to in the first two days of this trip:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.04.23 AM


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