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Estoy en Madrid!

It has been a while since I uploaded my last post. I’ve been busy as I arrived in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, and I have been traveling, walking around the city, and settling to this new city. Hence I’ll have to procrastinate my pictures of the first few weeks.

I am situated in Salamanca area, which is known as ‘the poshest’ part of Madrid, although I am the northern border of Salamanca and it’s not as posh as the middle part and the actual posh part of it. Nonetheless it’s quite convenient with 3 different metro lines at Diego de Leon, and I can walk to school (~20min) and as I enjoy walking naturally, I can walk to Retiro (~30min) or even Gran Via (~60min). Metro lines are also very well set up, and extremely easy to find your way around the city. One suggestion for travellers, is this app that I used called MetrO (Available on iTunes, or download the .apk file for Android). This app allows the user to download the city, and it is an awesome app that shows you which line you should take from a station to a station, or you can even search by a point of interest including the airport or even a well-known tourist spot.

In my first week, I explored the city by visiting Parque del Retiro, Mercado San Miguel, Plaza Mayor, and El Rastro flea market.

1. Parque del Retiro

It’s one of the biggest park in Madrid, and in the park there is a gorgeous glass palace called Palacio de Cristal. It is a great park to take a walk around, enjoy the sun, and soak up the greens there. It kind of reminded me a smaller Spanish version of Central park in NY.

It is a wonderful little park, and I plan to go back there whenever I can.

2. Mercado San Miguel

It is a market in the centre of Old Madrid, and offers a variety of foods and produce. With a lot of tourists, tapa options, and its own unique liveliness, it reminded me a lot of Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, which is one of my favourite spots of Vancouver in the summer times.

The market is situated not too far from Plaza Mayor.

3. Plaza Mayor

It is a big square with a statue of Philip lll. During the day there are a lot of street performers and tourists that fill the plaza with energy.

4. El Rastro 

El Rastro is located in La Latina district, and is the most popular flea market in Spain. Held every Sunday, the entire area comprising of many big and smaller streets are filled with open-air flea market vendours, ranging from antiques to handmade fashion accessories. Nonetheless, tourists will need to be cautious of pickpockets as the streets are full of tourists and visitors, and it’s very easy to be distracted with everything going on around you. I know this could be an odd comparison, but for some reason this flea market somewhat reminded me of Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong.

So this pretty much sums up my first week in Madrid – next up is cafe & chocolateria suggestions in Madrid!


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