Canada Day 2014

I’ve never really celebrated Canada Day – because 1) I lived in Maple Ridge growing up, so it’s a little too far from all the celebration in downtown and 2) maybe I’m just not that patriotic enough?

But this year I decided to watch the fireworks with a couple of girlfriends, and also my boyfriend suggested this great idea to go see the Canadians play at Nat Bailey stadium. Watching the Canadians play on Canada Day, how patriotic is that??!! So we took skytrain to King Edward station and walked a bit to Nat Bailey. It was my second time being there, and we of course got a couple of beers. Although the heat was a little tough to bear, the Canadians won the game against Salem-Keizer Volcanoes! O CANADA indeed.

Then the boys decided to go meet up with other friends, and I had to meet up with my girlfriends for a little picnic and fireworks. Since two of us live right by the sea wall in Coal Harbour, we picnicked out in Harbour Green Park for hours. Then around 9 we decided to move a bit East, so we sat ourselves down near De Dutch. Little did we know, soon after that the police blocked all walkways down to the sea wall which prevented my boyfriend from joining us for the fireworks. WOMP.

The fireworks itself wasn’t too bad, although my friend liked the last year’s better apparently. Well, I don’t really have anything to compare than my vague memories of Canada Day fireworks about 10 years ago… But all in all, it was a fun night with some action, a lot of girl talk, and beer! Happy Birthday Canada!!


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