Spring in Vancouver

It’s been a few weeks since the beginning of spring. It’s been a very peculiar dry winter in Vancouver, so I’m not so surprised with all this rain now. I was expecting more of an end of world scenario with hails in size of a baseball or lightning strikes that burn down the city, so I’m willing to bear through this rain for a couple more days.

Nonetheless, it’s been a beautiful start of spring before it started to rain, and I want to share my instagram pictures of spring in Vancouver (Yaletown specifically) with you.

This was on my way back from work, on March 21st. Cherry blossom trees just started to blossom and spring began to spring!

Then five days later, they were in full bloom! Yaletown has many of these cherry blossom trees on the streets, and I love strolling down this area everyday. It’s never a busy area with exceptions of weekend nights, and looking at people walking pass me with their little barking friends makes me happy.

This is from Good Friday, on the other side of downtown. I had lunch with my bf at Cardero’s and we decided to take a long walk. It really was a good Friday – the weather was gorgeous, he even had to take his windbreaker off because it was too hot (but I thought it was perfect). Yaletown and Coal harbour area are my two favourite areas in Downtown Vancouver; Quite different crowds but I just like the vibes of both these neighbourhoods. We walked good 5~6 km that day and of course there were a lot of visitors and tourists at Stanley Park as wells as locals casually rollerblading around the seawall.

Back in Yaletown down at the seawall. My office got a day off for Easter Monday as well so I decided to walk down a couple of blocks down to the water and read my articles there. Again a beautiful day, I was actually wearing shorts and short sleeves t-shirt and a light cardigan on top!

This will be my last picture of the day. This is from only two days ago on Wednesday. On my way back home from work again, and I was so surprised to see all these trees covered in green! I swear it wasn’t this green the night before or even on my way to work that morning! It felt like all the trees just decided to put on their green leaves together at the same time because the leaves were on sale or something.

And since yesterday it’s been raining and raining, and too bad I sent over my rain boots back home. But also it’s a lot warmer so I can just put on one light trench coat in the morning and I’m good to go. Hope this rain ends soon though, because I’d much rather have the sunshine over my head than my neon-orange umbrella.


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