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Austin, TX 2013: Day 4

My last day in Austin started off with crawfish!! I didn’t even know what crawfish is, but our trustworthy Google and Wiki explained to me what it is. Then I thought Sebastian from Little Mermaid was a crawfish, but apparently he is a red Jamaican crab or something like that so not a crawfish. We waited for our friend from San Antonio to arrive in Austin, then we all drove down to this awesome crawfish place that I forgot the name of…

The restaurant looked like a ship, and we had two more friends that joined us so between seven of us, we shared two huge plates of crawfish. So basically crawfish are the little cousins of lobsters. And the two girls who joined us for this crawfish fest were from Louisiana, so they knew the ‘proper way’ to eat crawfish. They were also telling me that you shouldn’t be wearing white when you are eating crawfish, but of course, I was wearing a white shirt. Nonetheless I didn’t have a single tiny stain on my shirt when I was done breaking all those little tiny backbones of these crawfish!!

SOOO GOOOOOD! It was quite spicy, but it was yummy spicy. Also, I’m allergic to jumbo shrimps but not lobsters, and I didn’t have any allergic reaction to these crawfish as well. After we finished these delicious sea creatures, we went for an ice cream and headed home again to pick up my suitcase as my flight back home was at 7pm. Everyone came to the airport with me to send me off, and we took a mandatory group photo ❤

I’ll be seeing Doris from Austria in Milan in July when I’m in Italy this summer, Lina is going to try to make it in Milan around that time as well, Jonathan in Seattle or here soon since he works in Seattle, and hopefully I’ll get to see all of them soon! It’s purely awesome to have friends all over the world and share moments of my life with them!


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