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Austin + San Antonio, TX 2013: Day 3

As I point out again how much food I eat every time I’m in Austin, we woke up the next morning and went to Juan in a million (Get it??? JUAN in a million? Soooo punny lol) for some breakfast taco. I, for one, never had tacos for breakfast and it certainly was interesting – and delicious! 

Of course, being in Texas, portions are huge so I shared the dish with my friend. Mmm, just looking at the picture makes me hungry! It had eggs, potatos, cheese, and other breakfast-y stuffings and their hot salsa was a perfect complement on this dish.

After we stuffed ourselves with this yummy stuff, we began our journey to San Antonio, TX. It took us about two hours of driving to get down to San Antonio from Austin, and it certainly felt very different from Austin. Buildings were very Spanish-influenced looking, the weather was amazing (it was around 0~5 degrees Celsius in Vancouver and raining, so any temperature higher and dryer would’ve made me happy), and the River walk was so pretty! There were a lot of tourists, including US Air force guys out for their break as well.

Nonetheless, I have to admit that I was expecting more of an actual ‘river’ for river walk but it was more like a stream that goes through the town with lots of restaurants and bars on the sides (not that I’m complaining..). In my summer dress, drinking agave margarita out in the sun with my friends was more than I could ask for. And to finish the tour, we walked down to the Alamo. Again, I have to admit that I was expecting something more grand for this landmark, but it was a small battlesite with much bigger history. I’m not too knowledgeable in American history so it was good to have these Texans with me to explain what happened here a couple hundred years ago.

Then we were on the road again back to Austin, to enjoy my last few bits of SXSW. We wandered around Rainey and Sixth street again until later that night we met up with my friend’s brother and his friends on West Sixth. We met up with them at Key bar in Warehouse district, and they had these awesome shakers with homemade popsicles!! I tried out their Hard Crush shaker, which is pomegranate vodka and lemonade with pom/berry popsicle. The music was good, drinks were awesome, I much preferred the crowd here than the ones on the other side of Sixth street, and it was so nice to just relax after being stuck in the rush hour traffic for almost three hours on our way back.


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