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Austin, TX 2013: Day 2

On the morning of my second day in Austin, we of course went down to Round rock to have those fantastic Round rock Donuts for breakfast. I had these the last time I was in Austin as well, but we had to take our Austrian friend there. I love these donuts – there are tasty, so cheap, and if anyone is in a mood for donuts they of course have the Texas-sized donuts that is literally bigger than my head. Their original donuts are pretty similar to Timmy’s original glaze I think, but they are more yellow and quite chewy. Their parking lot is always full, and I’m always so surprised how many people have donuts for breakfast; My usual breakfast routine involves granola cereals, but I guess other people don’t mind having donuts for breakfast as much as I do 😛

After breakfast, we headed down to 6th street this time. I would say that it’s like their version of our Granville street – people busking here and there, full of people, many bars and chill out spots. After just wandering around 6th street, we went back to Rainey street since we have RSVPd for different events on Rainey. Nonetheless I don’t think RSVPs were mandatory, because they didn’t check anything; we just lined up like other people and went in like other people :/

At the first venue these fellow Canadian guys from Toronto called The Airplane boys were performing and they were actually pretty good! The other venues had some country-folky kind of music, some had heavy metal, some with electronic/DJs. At Hide & Seek there DJ Flume was spinning while we were there, and he also was good – and he had a sexy accent as well 😛 Cool accents make everything sexier, I’d say….

While we were walking around 6th street, this girl was handing out tickets for one of the big shows that night. And she told us that Skrillex was going to be the secret special guest that night!! It would’ve been lovely to go, but this day was actually my best friend’s birthday and we were supposed to have her birthday dinner with her family so we went back to Leander around dinner time.

My best friend’s family is originally from El Salvador, and they definitely know how to cook – especially meat of any kind. Last time I was in Texas for her graduation they were feeding me so much I felt like I’d have to roll to the airport, and this time was no difference. Her step-grandpa always makes the best pork ribs with salt and pepper rubs, and this time he cooked roasted meat which was in the oven for hours and hours! And her brother baked an awesome tres leches cake, which was sooo yummy.

Thank goodness we were walking every day for like 10kms, otherwise I actually would’ve needed to be rolled to the airport…


2 thoughts on “Austin, TX 2013: Day 2

    • J says:

      Austin in general feels very much like Vancouver, at least to me – and Leander feels like my home town, which is about an hour away from Vancouver core as well! But much warmer and sunnier version of it!

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