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Austin, TX 2013: Day 1

I took 3 days off work to go back to Austin, Texas to see my best friend from exchange and a few others (March 13-16). I was in Austin for the first time last year in December for her graduation (University of Texas, Austin – Hook’em! šŸ˜‰ ) and this time was for a little reunion with my exchange friends!

It couldn’t have been a better timing, since it was the SXSW week! And my flight to Austin was landing around midnight, so we planned that we would head straight to the city from the airport – and we did. Anyhow, let’s start this chronologically.

My flight (with Delta) from Vancouver was at 8:30am, connected in Minnesota, again in Atlanta, then Austin, finally. Quite ridiculous flight plan, but hey what can I do – that was the cheapest flight option available at the time. The last time I flew with Delta was more than 13 years ago, and it was such an unpleasant experience I never even thought of flying with them again. But fortunately this time around it wasn’t as bad as the last time!

3-20-2013 9-57-28 AMI left my apartment in Downtown Vancouver at 6:30am PST, and when I arrived in Austin it was 11:30pm CST; I technically spent the whole day at the airport, in the air, or waiting for the connecting flight. I had lunch in Minnesota airport, and it was so interesting to see this Japanese restaurant with an iPad at every table. I’ve seen restaurants that use iPads as a menu, but not at a restaurant in an airport! I ordered Pad Thai with chicken; it was ridiculously expensive ($17+tax+tip) but I compensated for this as I paid $8 for my dinner in Atlanta šŸ˜›


No surprise that I was exhausted by the time I actually got to Austin, but nevertheless I got changed at the airport washroom, and my friend came to pick me up at the airport with two other friends! I haven’t seen one of them since last year when I was in Austria, and the other one for at least two years since I met him in Hong Kong! So there were a lot of hugs, and then we headed down to the city.

We got to the city a little past midnight, and headed to Rainey street for SXSW. That street had an interesting history, where these sisters just started buying houses on that street and turned them into bars with different themes. Some had covers, some didn’t, so we automatically went into the ones without covers šŸ˜› We hit 4~5 different venues, including Lucille which was one of the newest bars on that street, and headed home not too late since we were (or at least I was) too tired.



2 thoughts on “Austin, TX 2013: Day 1

    • J says:

      Thank you for the comment Jonathan! Yes I’ve been to both Rainey Street and 6th street – both West & ‘Dirty’ parts – and it was tons of fun. Austin definitely is a fun place to visit, and I do certainly miss the weather now that I’m back in Raincouver..

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