Trip Planning: France and Italy Part 4

My last posting covered up to my accommodation in Nice, and I am extremely happy to say that I have ALL the hotels for this trip booked now! I booked the hotel for our final destination in Milan this morning, and I just can’t wait until July!!

The hardest place to find an accommodation probably was La Spezia. We originally wanted to stay in one of the Cinque terres, but most of the hotels/hostels/bnbs in Cinque terre were very expensive and options were limited as well. So we had to compromise a little bit, and decided to just stay in La Spezia. For La Spezia and Florence, we decided to go with Airbnb for the first time. Rather than staying at hotels or hostels, Airbnb provides the list of locals that are willing to let people rent out their place for a certain period of time, letting these travellers to experience how the locals actually live in the city. My manager actually suggested trying out Airbnb, and I am glad that he suggested this option because we are very happy with the places that we booked through this website. Of course I can’t say too much when I haven’t been there myself yet, but communicating with the house owner were very efficient and smooth for both of the cities, and their places look awesome in the pictures!

Then our last stop is in Milan, and we decided to go with Hilton. Usually when I travel in North America I stay at one of the Hiltons to save the points. And since all my friends are going to be visiting me in Milan, I wanted to stay in the city at a good location so I can go everywhere with ease. For more information on Hilton Milan, here’s TripAdvisor’s review on Hilton Milan

Now that everything’s planned and paid, I have be good and try not to go shopping before summer. Nonetheless, my small Austin, Texas trip is coming up next week so I am very excited for that as well! All these parties at SXSW and events are getting me excited for this year’s St. Patty’s weekend ❤


2 thoughts on “Trip Planning: France and Italy Part 4

  1. When are you leaving on your trip? And are you going to be posting while you travel? I’d love to hear your stories and get some experience; I’m going to be going to Italy as well soon.

    1. I’m leaving on my trip at the end of June – still almost 4 months away :/ And yes, that is my plan to keep posting while I’m travelling! Hope your travel planning is also coming along nicely 🙂

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