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Emeryville & San Francisco, CA 2013

After New York, I had to fly in to San Francisco for work. So I had to call for a cab, and I was astounded to find out that you have to pay this ‘reservation fee’ to make a reservation for a cab!! In Vancouver, you can make a reservation for a cab any time of the day without paying any fees for it, and you can always call a cab right when you need it as well. But this system seemed to be non-existant in New York which I found very surprising. Maybe it’s because there are just so many cabs driving around the city you don’t even have to call for one; but I still very much prefer our friendly Vancouver call cab system 😛

Anyhow, I made a reservation for Carmel taxi services the night before, and it costed me $34 + tip from Upper east side to LGA. The only thing is (and I do this EVERY TIME I’m at LGA, stupidly enough) I got off at the wrong part of the airport. LGA is divided into three parts, Gate A, B, and C, and I thought I was at C but then it turned out I was supposed to be at Gate B. So then I had to take the airport shuttle from Gate C to B, which clearly was not the smartest thing to do. Fortunately I had more than enough time to be at the correct Gate then flew to Denver, Colorado for my connecting flight.



From Denver, I caught my next flight to SFO. It certainly felt like a long day, and since I arrived 45 minutes later than my colleagues who left from Vancouver, I had to get a cab for myself to the hotel in Emeryville. It was a pretty expensive cab ride – it came down to $85 including tip. The traffic on the Bay bridge was horrible as I landed just around the rush hour and not to mention there was a fee to cross the bridge. I was absolutely glad that my company was paying for this cab ride. When I got to the hotel, a few of my colleagues were heading out to go shopping, but I decided to settle in for a short while and went down to the hotel bar to join the rest of them. New York was pretty warm with around 6~8 degrees Celsius, but I was really happy with SF weather for sure. And also I’ve never been in Emeryville/Oakland area, so it was pretty interesting as well.


The first night people from Vancouver office and Emeryville office went out for Mexican together at Chevy’s. The drinks were HUMONGOUS, and I liked the nacho chips in Sombrero 😛IMG_5414

After dinner everyone went back to their rooms to rest, and my friend in San Francisco came to visit me with cheesecakes from the Cheesecake factory! I haven’t seen her since two summers ago, and it was great to see her again.


Since Emeryville and San Francisco was a work trip, I didn’t do too much stuff so I’m just going to condense everything I did in a single posting. So the second day in Emeryville was all meetings, and everyone from all three Vancouver, Emeryville, and San Francisco offices went out for bowling in Alameda. It was definitely very entertaining, and I was so surprised at myself how good I was at bowling! I haven’t went bowling since high school which is at least 6~7 years, but I managed to get the personal high schore of 124!

On our last day in San Francisco, we checked out in the morning and went to tour around the Emeryville office for half an hour and all left together to check out the San Francisco office. The view at this office was amazing, IMG_5415

After this office tour, we got a couple of hours of free time. So me and my colleagues went down to Union square and parted our ways to do our own stuff. Since I was just down here in San Francisco 7 months ago and did all the touristy stuff, I decided to look around Nordstrom for an hour and met up with my friend again to have lunch at Perbacco ( I was craving for Italian so I made a reservation at this restaurant. It’s right in the Financial district, so it was very busy during the lunch hour. I got the Pappardelle and my friend got Scarpinocc. They were both pretty good, but I completely forgot to take pictures of them. Nonetheless, we got Espresso Bonet for dessert, which was great. Certainly recommend this dish.


And with this, I ended my time in San Francisco and headed back home.


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