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New York, NY 2013: Day 2

It’s been a few days since my Day 2 in New York has passed, but I am still determined to write this post šŸ˜›

In the morning, we headed down to Flatiron district to have brunch at Petite Abeille ( It’s a super cute Belgian cafe/restaurant with great servers. I got the Gaufre Banana split waffle which comes with vanilla ice cream, two bananas, topped off with chocolate sauce and whip cream. I was originally torn between Dame blanche and Banana split, but my friend did recommend Banana split and I certainly was glad that I took her advice. It was a pretty big waffle with generous amount of ice cream, and when I got the coffee refills were free of charge! Who can say no to free coffee refills! My friend did warn me about how there might be a line-up, and fortunately when we got there we did not have to wait. However by the time that we were done around 1pm, people were lined up out the doors, so I would recommend to go for earlier brunch hours.


After we headed to SOHO and shopped around a bit. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and above 6 degrees Celsius. I was not expecting this weather at all from New York, especially since the last year around same time when I was in New York it was below zero degrees and I was freezing. But this time it was very spring-y/autum-y weather which I loved, but it actually was very windy. When I had a few shopping bags in my hands, we then headed to Century 21 (!!!) and I did some more shopping again. I only had a couple of days in New York, and I had to do as best as I could!

IMG_5358IMG_5387 IMG_5386

After I swiped my AMEX credit card a couple of times, we were feeling a little hungry again, so we found this cafe on our way and decided to sit down and chill for a bit. It was a little cafe called Cafe Angelique (, and we both got a cup of coffee and a biscotti. Nothing too special here, but it was cozy and cute with nice baristas/cashiers. And the coffee cup was huge, which is another big plus.


From here I parted my way to meet up with another friend in New York at Central station. It was my first time on the subway in New York by myself, but of course I’m so good at finding my ways in a new city. It’s my own home town that I always have problems navigating my way through the city, strangely enough. And my home town is one of the (if not the smallest) city in Greater Vancouver but I still get lost for some reason. Anyhow, I found my way to Central Station and met up with my friend. Then he took me to Bryant Park Grill ( Of course, I see this place as a very touristy dining spot, which usually is not the best description for restaurants. Generally being a touristy dining spot, food is underwhelming, price is overwhelming, and service quality fluctuates. Nonetheless the food was not as underwhelming as I expected it to be (which is a pro) and the price was not as overwhelming as I expected it to be. I had the Roasted butternut squash risotto, and I was generally satisfied.


Then we walked around Bryant park for a bit, headed down to Rockefeller and went to Magnolia bakery ( My friend got me some cupcakes which I had for breakfast the next morning. I preferred Red velvet cupcakes over Vanilla icing chocolateĀ cupcakes. Then we walked around Times square for a couple of hours and I headed home to Upper east.


And that was the end of my last night in New York.



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